mardi, novembre 2

Soiree Meurtre a Staten Island

Je vous présente le meilleur ami d'Amedée.....On l'a rencontré dans le cimetière de "The Church Of St Andrew" (Staten Island, ville de Richmond Town)..C'était la veille d'halloween et se préparait dans le cimetière une soirée meurtre...Ah ah ah..Amedée en a profité pour prendre une pose avec son nouvel amiI present the best friend Amedée ..... We met him in the cemetery of The Church Of St. Andrew "(Staten Island, City of Richmond Town ) .. It was the eve of Halloween and prepared in the cemetery one evening murder ... Ah ah ah .. Amedée took the opportunity to take a pose with his new friend

New York - Staten Island - halloween - The Church Of St Andrew

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Kay L. Davies a dit…

Wow, just amazing. The crime-scene tape really makes it look good, and adds a touch of color, too. Great photos.
-- Kay

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Sylvia K a dit…

That is amazing! What grizzly fun! And colorful, too!


SandyCarlson a dit…

Time catches up with all of us. The important thing is to enjoy the ride!

Jude-photographie a dit…

Excellent ils ont de l'imagination =)

indicaspecies a dit…

Haha..what fun photographs!

Rosadimaggio63 a dit…

Hey :)
foto molto divertenti !!!!
Buona giornata :)

Wifey10 a dit…


lailani a dit…

moooohawhawhawahw! Very fun indeed!