mardi, décembre 7

Staten Island - Historic Richmond Town

New York - Staten Island - Historic Richmond Town

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Photo Cache a dit…

a beautiful set of images. i especially enjoyed the first one with the church shot and the graveyard in the foreground.

Sylvia K a dit…

Oh, yes! Such lovely captures indeed! And I, too, love the first one! It really catches the feeling of history -- the church and the graveyard! Hope you have a great week!


Lesley a dit…

What an interesting place - a real escape from the bustle of NYC.

Luna Miranda a dit…

beautiful! the colors and this place are gorgeous! i love the first photo--just the place I'd like to explore.

BraCom (Bram) a dit…

Beautiful My World Tuesday posting

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

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Hazel a dit…

What a lovely church and graveyard! I'm weird - I love browsing graveyards and admiring old churches. So I relate with your beautiful images.

Jude-photographie a dit…

Jolie série ma préféré est la troisième j'aime beaucoup le contraste des couleurs de l'automne avec l'église

Anonyme a dit…

I just like you being a member of photo-friend ;-)