dimanche, juillet 17

Portrait : Central Park

New York - Manhattan - Portrait - Central Park
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9 commentaires:

CaT a dit…

i love these soap bubbles, i can watch it for hours... there is a lot of science behind it, scientists even published papers on soap bubbles!

Thérèse a dit…

Et quel serieux!
Les bulles sont-elles parfumees?

Joyful a dit…

Wow! Awesome photo.

Fjällripan a dit…

Fantastic bubble, so big and lovely coulors! :)

Charlene: the Polarblogger a dit…

Wow, great capture, especially the colors of the bubble!

Olga a dit…

I know this man! I have photographed his performance this March :)
Thank you for the good memories:)
Your photo is stunning!

Al a dit…

That's an impressive bubble, and I like how you've captured its rainbow hues. New York certainly has lots of interesting people and sights!

Jude-photographie a dit…

Encore une photo très réussi

Admin a dit…

Look at that! so huge.. I've never seen soap bubble as huge as that. Amazing!

Anyway, here's visiting late for Scenic Sunday. My entry is up here: