dimanche, novembre 11

Times Square - Un Petit coin de Paris

New York - Manhattan - Times Square - Un Petit coin de Paris
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7 commentaires:

HansHB a dit…

B&W is perfect to this streetphoto! Well done!
Have a great day!

Dragonstar a dit…

Excellent street photography! So much to see here.

Thérèse a dit…

En plus cette photo respire une certaine vie tranquille.

Laura a dit…

ahh yes... that is NY! I hope you will join the gratitude word quilt this year... information about how to participate is at the top of my blog.

Anonyme a dit…

A great picture ! Love that kind of music. Please have a good new week.

ñOCO Le bOLO a dit…

· A great moment! Great photo, of course.

· regards

CR· & ·LMA

Monica a dit…

Wonderful street photo,- perfect in black and white! So many great details to put my eyes on!