jeudi, septembre 22

Challenge Street : Bank of america


New York - Challenge Street : Bank of america

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Birgitta - foto CHIP a dit…

That's a picture to stop at and have a good thinking about :)

Francisca a dit…

I support the Occupy Wall Street protest going on in NYC, so bankers are not my favorite people these days. :-) Nonetheless, you got yourself a nice street shot with the glow on the street from the BoA neon sign.

Thérèse a dit…

BOA in trouble these days!
La banque rencontre certaines difficultés ces jours-ci alors ta photo n'en est que plus actuelle!

Tatjana Parkacheva a dit…

Excellent photography.

Marguerite a dit…

Après la pluie, l’ombre d’un soleil rouge !