lundi, février 13

Taxi !

New York - Manhattan - Columbus Circle - Hep Taxi !
( To view monochromatic classics from around the world please click here )

8 commentaires:

Tatjana Parkacheva a dit…

Excellent street photography.

Regards and best wishes

Robert Nicolaescu a dit…

Superb! Best wishes!

Laura a dit…

a classic NY image...well done!

Dragonstar a dit…

Fine composition.

NixBlog a dit…

Lovely! Brings back many happy memories of catching NY taxis.

ñOCO Le bOLO a dit…

· That's a good photo. A typical photo in NYC. i like it.

· regards


Cesc a dit…

It's mine!

Riet a dit…

LOve that street photography.
Going to follow you.