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Bronx : Loews Paradise Theatre

Bronx : Loews Paradise Theatre
The Paradise Theater was opened in 1929 as the nation’s premier movie house and vaudeville stage. Designed by the famed architect, John Eberson, its 17th century style baroque interior featured a starry blue sky ceiling, ornate fountains and statues and towering marble and oak columns that mesmerized audiences. For decades, patrons of this national treasure experienced feature shows in an Italian garden setting. Personalities such as Bob Hope and Milton Berle performed on its grand stage.
In 1973, the theater was converted into a duplex cinema and became a quad cinema in the 1980’s. The Paradise Theater has been closed since 1994 despite numerous unsuccessful attempts to revive this piece of Bronx history.
Finally, for Fall 2005 the Paradise Theater will reopen its doors to host spectacular live shows and to add the newest chapter to the ongoing renaissance of the Bronx.

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