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Brooklyn : Coney Island : Wonder Wheel : Astroland

Brooklyn : Coney Island : Wonder Wheel : Astroland

Astroland "first billed itself as a 'space-age' theme park. Today a visit is more like stepping into the past than the future." Some of the current rides are similar to regular carnival rides, but others offer a kitsche experience that is lacking in modern amusement parks.

In 1955, Dewey Albert and his friends Nathan Handwerker, Herman Rapps, Sidney Robbins and Paul Yampo formed a corporation called Coney Island Enterprises. In 1957, Rapps and Alpert announced they would build Wonderland. Through a series of acquisitions, together they built what is today known as Astroland. On July 12, 1975 an early morning fire wiped out much of the park but they were able to rebuild.

On November 28, 2006 Astroland was sold by the Albert Family to Thor Equities for US $30 million. According to the article in Newsday, the Alberts will continue to operate the Cyclone, the famous wooden roller coaster
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