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Bronx : Wave Hill

Bronx : Wave Hill
Wave Hill is a 28 acre (113,000 m²) botanical garden in New York City's Riverdale neighborhood, situated in the Bronx, USA.The original Wave Hill House was built in 1843 by William Lewis Morris in Greek Revival style, and owned from 1866-1903 by William Henry Appleton, who enlarged the house in 1866-69 and again in 1890. During these years, the house was visited by Thomas Henry Huxley, who helped Charles Darwin bring evolution to the public's attention. Theodore Roosevelt's family rented Wave Hill during the summers of 1870 and 1871, and Mark Twain leased it from 1901-1903. The house was then purchased in 1903 by George Walbridge Perkins, a partner of J. P. Morgan, along with adjacent property. Perkins performed extensive landscaping on the site, and leased Wave Hill House itself to an eminent zoologist, Bashford Dean. Other famous residents included the conductor Arturo Toscanini (1942-1945) and chief members of the British Delegation to the United Nations (1950-1956). In 1960, the Perkins-Freeman family deeded Wave Hill to the City of New York.
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